Top 10 advantages of PPC advertising for your business

Digital marketing is a huge umbrella term. It includes everything from content creation to paid ads, and each tactic has its pros and cons to consider. Should break down our marketing strategy into a carefully crafted selection of more minor tactics, both paid and unpaid.

Today, we’re talking specifically about PPC or pay-per-click advertising benefits. A PPC campaign can significantly increase online traffic and provide a very measurable ROI compared to many other marketing efforts.

However, we know that many businesses are hesitant to spend money on paid advertising when free options are available.

So, what is PPC advertising?

PPC ads are, at first glance, quite simple. You pay for ad clicks with a helpful place in the search engines at the top of the page. But it’s much more complicated than that.

What’s the best method to optimize for conversions, not just clicks? What keywords do you want to target? What ad groups are you interested in?

It is wise to work with a digital marketing team rather than just groping in the dark. When you strategically pay for ads, you reap the benefits – including the ten listed below.

1. Get immediate results

One of the most considerable advantages of paying for effective marketing is? Timeliness.

Unlike complementary content and organic search strategies, PPC advertising produces immediate results in almost all cases. You instantly reach thousands of people – likely people searching for your services or products.

About one-third of online customers use the Internet every day to search for local businesses. That’s a massive pool of potential visitors, especially if your link is prominently displayed in relevant Internet search results.

It is not to say that PPC advertising is the best marketing strategy. However, it is a highly effective short-term tactic. Content and search engine optimization will certainly provide long-term benefits, but if you’re looking for something quick and effective, PPC advertising may be the way to go.

2. They contribute to higher overall traffic on the website

PPC ads bring quick results, but they also drive more traffic to your overall website. Paid ads might not directly contribute to your ranking, but they increase the number of clicks to your website.

Over time, this rise in user activity on your website (generated by your paid ads) can increase organic rankings.

3. Be successful even with algorithm changes

Everyone is working to reach the coveted position of zero on Google. You develop the perfect content and employ the best SEO strategies, then watch every Google algorithm update that could change your chances of ranking high. One significant change to the algorithm and your ranking could crash (or at least suffer).

PPC isn’t as risky. Your success doesn’t depend on Google’s whims and developments, nor does your website optimization. You spend for the clicks and put them in Google’s search results.

4. Experience a high return on your financial investment

Most brands don’t buy PPC ads to improve their reputation or outdo the competition (although these two benefits are not negligible). They buy the ads because they want their target audience to convert into actual clients.

In 2020, approximately 74 percent of brands stated that PPC is a crucial driver for their business and generates a significant portion of their revenue. For numerous brands, PPC ads are a surefire way to drive conversions – and they could do the same for you.

5. Increase your brand awareness

Remember: you do not just want people to recognize your brand online. The more often you show up in search results alongside well-known competitors, the more likely people are to seek out your stores and store offline.

People want to see that your brand is constantly being discussed and presented in relevant niches. That doesn’t just mean using your logo in the right place or making sure your Instagram “aesthetic” is on point. According to LucidPress, consistent brand exposure can increase sales by 33 percent.

PPC can ensure that your brand name is at least showing up in the right places, contributing to a more consistent, present online reputation that drives sales on our website and in stores.

6. Target customers in real-time

Ads do not show up at the ideal time. However, you can schedule your campaigns to be served at specific times, in specific locations, and to specific populations with PPC advertising tools.

Yes, you can also monitor the results of content marketing and SEO strategies. It takes some time for these strategies to evolve – but they can manipulate a PPC campaign almost instantly. However, you can not always make adjustments to a blog post, website copy, or link schema in minutes.

7. Generate leads in neighboring cities

You may have heard talk of “geo-targeting” in PPC ads. Let’s get into that and discuss how paid ads can leverage your landing pages for location.

Geo-targeting (also known as local PPC) targets an area – likely a city or region. Thanks to Google Ads’ advanced location options, you can include (or exclude) specific marketing areas based on proximity.

With a PPC campaign, you can drive clicks to that page from people searching directly in Plano. You’re not limited to a large part of the region – you can narrow your advertising efforts to create leads in neighboring cities and towns.

8. Improve your search engine optimization strategies with PPC data

With PPC, you can check your keywords before incorporating them into large-scale SEO strategies. It’s often tough to understand the percentage at which organic keywords convert, but you can use PPC keyword data to inform your organic search marketing tactics.

You can better customize your website’s metadata and headlines to target the most critical keywords by monitoring which keywords are converting to paid ads. That will help you achieve higher SERP rankings overall.

9. Reach first place in the local pack

Search queries that include the term “near me” increased by about 28 percent in 2020 alone. In 2021, many people will stay close to home due to pandemic regulations. Combined with the emphasis on shopping local, this suggests that this number will remain strong or even increase.

That’s why it’s essential to consider the local benefits of PPC advertising. Google Ads can display the specific locations of your business and ensure that you show up in “near me” searches. You can also establish location extensions to show local ads and increase consumer awareness in your area.

10. Retargeting

Most website visitors do not take action on a landing page. Across industries, the average conversion rate from Google Ads is 4.40%.

The good news is that 95% of visitors who didn’t convert aren’t lost causes – not even close.

The ability to retarget these customers is perhaps the most significant benefit of PPC. In short, retargeting is a means of remembering visitors who have already been to your website and presenting them with relevant ads.

Google Ads gives you the ability to target these visitors with ads over some time. It can range from a few days to a few months. It is a highly effective way to retarget those visitors and encourage them to convert – while also increasing brand recall.

The beauty of retargeting is that consumers are already familiar with your brand. In general, people are more inclined to buy from a brand they’ve seen before. With retargeting, you can reach these people with well-timed touchpoints.

You can also create different retargeting campaigns for different advertising goals. For example, you can create ads specifically for visitors who abandoned their shopping cart, browsed a specific category, etc.

Every person who visits your website contributes to your sales pipeline.

Retargeting allows you to maximize that pipeline

Pay-per-click advertising is a quick and efficient way to increase conversion rates. While it is not the only marketing strategy your business should consider, it certainly has benefits that should not overlook. 

The wave of digital media is changing, and many companies are looking for quick and effective ways to position themselves in front of high-converting consumers. Get better search engine visibility and get instant results with our PPC management services at SEO Bea’s 

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