What Types Of PPC Ads Are There? 6 Types Of PPC Ads

What are the types of PPC ads?

PPC marketing can be very profitable if a proper strategy is developed and the right PPC features are used. It is essential to know all the kinds of PPC ads that are available to you and also when you should use them.

Once you understand this concept, you can create a PPC marketing strategy that uses suitable types of campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. A good PPC agency will always take the time to understand your business goals and then match your requirements with the available PPC ad types.

In this blog, We will discuss eight of the most common PPC ad types available to those who want to use PPC advertising.

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1. Search ads

Most advertisers start with the ad type when experimenting with PPC advertising. The most common kind of PPC ad is a paid search ad. Advertisers select keywords for which they want their ads to appear. They then tell Google Ads what ad text to display when a user searches for their keyword and enter the maximum amount they are willing to pay if their ad is clicked.

PPC search ads utilize an auction system to decide in what order the advertiser’s paid ad will appear on the page and how much they will have to pay. The auction takes into account how much the advertiser bids for the search term, as well as other quality factors.

PPC search ads can appear above and below unpaid (organic) listings. You can recognize a PPC search ad by the “Ad” notice at the top left of the ad.

Most paid search advertisers use Google Ads to promote their business on the Google search engine. Another option for paid search marketing is to use Microsoft Advertising to advertise in the Bing search engine. The Bing search engine does not have nearly the search volume that Google has.

According to the latest figures from Google Trends, as of March 2020, Google has a global market share of approximately 91.98%, and Bing has a global search engine marketing share of approximately 2.55%. However, Bing typically offers lower click prices than Google AdWords and can be a valuable complement to Google Ads traffic if you’re not willing to pay for clicks.

To run a profitable paid search campaign, knowing the different formulas PPC managers use to perform tasks such as bid optimization and budget forecasting is helpful.

2. Display ads

Display advertising is another paid advertising where you promote your product or service while users browse the web. Display advertising varies from PPC search advertising in that your ad potentially appears in front of users currently searching for your product or service during a search campaign.

With display advertising, the marketer’s ads show up in front of users who have already indicated that they might be interested in your product or service. Therefore, display advertising has a lower conversion rate than PPC search advertising. However, click prices for display advertising are often much lower than for PPC search ads.

Display advertising is often used to raise awareness of the advertiser’s brand. Google declares that it has over 2 million websites in the Google Display Network and reaches over 90% of people on the Internet. So if you have a relatively unidentified product that you want to spread the word about, display advertising might be the right choice.

Many advertisers use the Google Display Network (GDN) to display ads. It can easily create a display ad on the GDN directly through the Google Ads interface.

3. Remarketing ads

A remarketing campaign displays ads to individuals who have already visited your website. Since the user has already shown some interest in your business, a remarketing campaign is a very profitable PPC campaign. It is often used to bring customers on the verge of converting back into the sales funnel or to sell or offer more products to your existing client base. Here are some instances of audience lists that can be created and targeted with a Google Remarketing campaign:

  • All previous users
  • Previously purchased on the website
  • Who has signed up for the newsletter
  • Viewed the company’s YouTube videos
  • Shopping cart abandoners
  • Stayed on the website for more than x seconds but did not convert

A remarketing campaign with Google Ads often displays image ads to users while they browse websites in the Google Display Network. However, you can also use images or video ads for remarketing users.

Google Ads is a premium advertising platform used by remarketing agencies. However, there are other options for advertisers who want to use remarketing. Adroll and Criteo are popular platforms for remarketing. You can also develop a remarketing campaign on paid social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Within Google Ads can create two types of display remarketing campaigns. These are standard remarketing campaigns and dynamic remarketing campaigns. In a standard remarketing campaign, generic display ads are shown to the user. In a dynamic remarketing campaign, users are shown images of the products they have viewed on your website.

4. Video ads

Video ads are becoming an increasingly essential part of digital marketing, with 85% of companies using video as part of their marketing efforts and 92% saying it is an essential part of their marketing efforts. Online video is predicted to account for more than 84% of all consumer traffic by 2022.

The advantages of paid video advertising over organic video advertising are that you can get your videos in front of people who don’t know your business yet or don’t follow you. You don’t have to go through the trouble of building an audience.YouTube is the best place to start if you’re considering video advertising. YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. Since many advertisers who use PPC advertising are already on Google Ads, it’s easy to advertise on YouTube. You can use Google Ads to run paid video ads on YouTube.

5. Paid social advertising

In paid social advertising, users are shown ads while browsing a social media website. Many paid social platforms offer PPC advertising services. The most common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, and Tick Tock.

Those who want to run PPC on Instagram can easily do so in the Facebook PPC advertising section. It is because Facebook owns Instagram and therefore allows advertisers to use Facebook ads to expand their advertising reach by adding Instagram as an additional placement in their ad campaign.

Paid Social lets you create several types of PPC advertising campaigns. You can choose to run a remarketing campaign on a paid social platform or a prospecting campaign on a paid social platform that allows you to target new potential customers. Paid social platforms also offer various ad types of different sizes. On many paid social platforms, you can create both a video ad and an image ad.

6.Sponsored Gmail Ads

Gmail Sponsored Ads allow businesses to advertise in Gmail. They can be created within Gmail Ads, so advertisers with a Google Search, Shopping, or Display campaign can quickly get into Gmail Sponsored Ads.

With Gmail Sponsored Ads, users see an ad that looks similar to a standard email. Once the user clicks on the ad, they are required to an enhanced version of your ad. From here, they have the option to click through to your website.

Gmail ads can be a great way to increase brand awareness and get additional top-of-the-funnel traffic. There are three Gmail-specific metrics you can add to your Google Ads campaign data to get an idea of how well your Gmail projects are performing:

Gmail saves: This metric reveals the number of clients who saved your message for later.

Gmail forwards: One of the benefits of a Gmail campaign is that the user can forward your email to another person who might be interested. The Gmail forwards column shows how many times you forwarded your ad to other people.

Gmail clicks to the website: In a Gmail campaign, the first time an advertiser clicks on your ad, it expands to show the user more information. That is recorded as a click, and you are billed for it. Users are redirected to your website when they click on the ad again. The Gmail Clicks on Website column shows how many people expanded your ad and then clicked on your website.


There are numerous PPC advertising platforms and ad types. In this blog, I have talked about six of the leading PPC ad types most advertisers use. Most advertisers with PPC advertising start with a search campaign on Google Ads. For many PPC advertisers, this is a good starting point. However, there are many more options you can use. It’s essential to test new ad types and find the right PPC advertising strategy for your business.

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